Avalanche occurs and large amount of snow slides down from the slope.

Avalanche Barrier

Avalanche Barrier Prevents Avalanche From the Staring Area

An avalanche is a large amount of snow, often mixed with ice and debris, falling suddenly and quickly down the side of a mountain and destroying all in its path. It poses great threaten to highways and railways crossing the mountainous areas and people who living down the mountain. Therefore, establishing avalanche barriers is a good way to getting well prepared before the avalanche happens.

What is avalanche barrier?

Avalanche barrier, also known as avalanche fence, is a kind of flexible physical structure that is designed to hold back snow from ever turning into an avalanche and reduce the chance of large avalanches by artificially inducing smaller avalanches periodically. It is commonly installed in numerous lines in the avalanche starting zones.

Much like the rockfall barrier, it is required to be capable of retaining drifting snows and preventing the avalanche from the starting area. It commonly adopts Reinforced rockcon system or ring net system to provide better impact resistance performance. It is commonly used as passive barriers and firmly anchored to the mountain surface.

Snows are retained by the avalanche barrier made of ring net system.

Reinforced rockcon system is kind of popular avalanche barrier. Reinforced rockcon mesh is the main part of this avalanche barrier. The reinforced rockcon mesh is made of three strands of high tensile steel wire that are twisted first and then made into a rhomboid shape, which makes it withstand higher impact and prevent avalanche from becoming larger. In order to achieve better avalanche prevention, it commonly works with Rockcon® mesh or hexagonal mesh to enhance the overall performance of this avalanche barrier.

Reinforced rockcon avalanche barrier is established on the snow mountain.

Ring net system is a kind of flexible protection system that has the highest strengths of any mesh in the rockfall system range. As it has the maximum deformation capacity and energy absorption capacity, it is especially suitable for applications need to withstand sudden impact like avalanche. It generally consists of ring net, steel posts, brake rings, rope anchors and support ropes. Ring net consists of various interlinked steel rings between 5 and 19 spirals are bundled together. All steel rings are made of high tensile steel wire with a tensile strength of 1770 N/mm2 and two ends of lap length not less than 100 mm. This unique structure gives the ring net great buffering performance through its deformation. Upon impact by the avalanche, the ring net deforms greatly with brake rings tightening and absorbing the impact energy. As the ring net has a large mesh opening and cannot stop the movement of snowflakes, it generally works with Rockcon® mesh or hexagonal mesh to increase the overall performance of the ring net system.

Avalanche is stopped by ring net system built on the slope.