Quality Control – Incoming Raw Materials and Measuring Devices

Quality is always the top concern of customers and determines whether a company can stay afloat in fierce market competition. We have been attached great importance to our product quality and established strict quality control procedures ranging from raw materials, production process and testing process.

Raw Materials

The quality of raw materials determines the quality of the finished products to a large extent. Therefore, the quality of raw materials is of great importance. Our main raw material is high tensile steel wire. The tensile strength of the steel wire is the primary factor affecting the quality of our products. All our raw materials come along with Factory Qualified Inspection Report and SGS Test Report certified by third parting testing center as shown below.

Measuring Devices

The accuracy of measuring devices greatly affects the accuracy of product measuring and testing results. Therefore, the accuracy of measuring devices is an essential link of achieving strict quality control. All our measuring devices are calibrated by third party testing agencies and come along with calibration certificates to ensure the accuracy of measuring devices.